Title: Planar tensor encoding data

Afzali M (2020). Planar tensor encoding data. Cardiff University. http://doi.org/10.17035/d.2020.0100087604

Access Rights: Data is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0) licence

Access Method: Click to email a request for this data to opendata@cardiff.ac.uk

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Dataset Details

Publisher: Cardiff University

Date (year) of data becoming publicly available: 2020

Data format: .dcm

Software Required: FSL

Estimated total storage size of dataset: Less than 10 gigabytes

DOI : 10.17035/d.2020.0100087604

DOI URL: http://doi.org/10.17035/d.2020.0100087604


Diffusion-weighted images were acquired with 60 gradient directions for planar tensor encoding (PTE) on a 3T Connectom MR imaging system (Siemens Healthineers, Erlangen, Germany). Twenty axial slices with a voxel size of 4mm isotropic (given the strong signal attenuations investigated here, a low resolution of 4 mm isotropic was used) and a 64×64 matrix size, TE = 88 ms, TR = 3000 ms, were obtained for each individual.

Research results based upon these data are published at https://doi.org/10.1002/mrm.28191

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