Title: Micromechanical modelling of self-healing cementitious materials

Davies RE, Jefferson AD (2017). Micromechanical modelling of self-healing cementitious materials. Cardiff University. http://doi.org/10.17035/d.2015.0008104212

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Publisher: Cardiff University

Date (year) of data becoming publicly available: 2017

Data format: .xlsx, .txt

Estimated total storage size of dataset: Less than 100 megabytes

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DOI : 10.17035/d.2015.0008104212

DOI URL: http://doi.org/10.17035/d.2015.0008104212

Related URL: http://www.materials4life.org.uk

The Materials for Life (M4L) project team have developed multi‐scale self-healing systems for cementitious materials using a range of interdisciplinary technologies. The three-year EPSRC funded project, which began in July 2013, was a collaboration between Cardiff University, University of Cambridge and University of Bath. The project investigated individual healing techniques, combined these techniques in the laboratory and now used these techniques in the field at the full-scale. The research has included experimental and numerical modeling work.

This dataset comprises the raw data generated whist modeling self-healing cementitious materials, in particular related to the micro-mechanical modeling approach. The results are presented and interpreted in the paper titled "Micromechanical modelling of self-healing cementitious materials" published in the International journal of Solids and Structures ( http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijsolstr.2017.02.008 )
Raw material properties and composition of modeled concrete are given alongside key model parameters, such as, Young's modulus, volume fraction, Poisson's ratio, uniaxial strain, tensile strength, healing efficiency healing strength and model directional micro-cracking parameters.
The raw data used to describe the response of the micromechanical model are given in the dataset. These include, the model response with standard material properties for both unconfined stress, confined stress in the y-y and z-z direction and the micro-cracking parameters. The raw data for the parametric study of model performance is given alongside the experimental data and model generated data for three examples of healing in concrete.


Cement, Concrete, Micromechanical, modeling, Self-healing

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