Title: Nanosecond laser processing of Vitreloy 1 with single pulses

Williams E, Brousseau EB (2016). Nanosecond laser processing of Vitreloy 1 with single pulses. Cardiff University. http://doi.org/10.17035/d.2016.0008119129

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Publisher: Cardiff University
Date (year) of data becoming publicly available: 2016
Data format: .xlsx, .tif
Estimated total storage size of dataset: Less than 100 megabytes
Number of Files In Dataset: 7
DOI: 10.17035/d.2016.0008119129


This is the complete data set for a research study that focused on the nanosecond laser processing of Zr41.2Ti13.8Cu12.5Ni10Be22.5 (also known as Vitreloy1 ) using a series of single pulse irradiation. It comprises a number of related data sub-set as follows.

1) The theoretical material temperature evolution with time for a pulse of 140 ns with different fluence values between 4.9 J/cm2 and 43.7 J/cm2.

2) Experimental values for crater diameters and depths obtained for a pulse of 140 ns with different fluence values between 14.6 J/cm2 and 43.7 J/cm2. 

3) The theoretical evolution of the thermal diffusivity for silicon and Vitreloy 1 for a temperature range between 300 K and 3000 K.

4) The predicted temporal temperature data at a fluence of 14 J/cm2 for pulse durations of 140 ns, 85 ns, 55 ns and 25 ns. This data sub-set also includes SEM micrographs of single craters obtained for these particular processing conditions. 

5) Two SEM micrographs at different magnifications for a crater machined at 15 ns with a fluence of 7.6 J/cm2.

6) The theoretical spatial temperature distribution on the top surface of the Vitreloy 1 material for a pulse of 15 ns using a fluence of 7.6 J/cm2

7)  Measured crater depths and diameters for pulse durations of 140 ns, 85 ns, 55 ns and 25 ns and for fluence values between 10.4 J/cm2 and 43.7 J/cm2.

Results based upon these data are reported in the publication at http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jmatprotec.2016.01.023

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