Professor David Price

Projects as PI
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Effector and regulatory activities of HLA-E-restricted HIV-specifica� CD8 T cells - Funder:National Institutes of Health (01/08/2012 - 31/07/2016)
Enhancing CD8 T-cell immunity against cytomegalovirus using IL-33 - Funder:Wellcome Trust (01/01/2013 - 01/06/2014)
Heterologous immunity to viral infections: Implications for vaccination and life long health (EBU HORIZONS) - Funder:Commission of the European Communities (01/05/2008 - 30/04/2011)

Projects as Co-Investigator
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Characterisation of a novel class of natural killer cell immunoevasin - Funder:Medical Research Council (01/08/2020 - 31/07/2023)
Comprehensive analysis of T-cell receptor degeneracy and T-cell crossreactivity - Funder:Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (01/01/2010 - 30/06/2015)
Detection and characterization of autoreactive CD8 T cells in T1D - Funder:Juvenile Diabetic Research Foundation (01/10/2009 - 31/10/2011)
Identifying the pathogenic triggers of CD8 T cells in multiple sclerosis - Funder:Wellcome Trust (21/01/2015 - 31/08/2017)

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