Professor Andrew Weightman

Projects as PI
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All-Wales Environmental Surveillance Centre - Funder:Welsh Government (01/07/2020 - 31/01/2021)
Biotic and Abiotic Removal of Taste and Odour Compounds in Drinking Water Treatment Systems - Funder:Welsh European Funding Office, - Funder:Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (01/07/2020 - 01/07/2023)
Comparative microbial community analysis of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants - Funder:Qila Biogas Servicing Ltd (07/05/2018 - 01/05/2019)
How are candidate phylum JS1 bacteria adapted for life in the deep sub-seafloor biosphere? - Funder:Natural Environment Research Council (01/04/2012 - 30/09/2015)

Projects as Co-Investigator
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ASPIRE - Accelerated Supergene Processes in Repository Engineering - Funder:Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (01/09/2020 - 30/09/2023)
Classic and temporal mixture synergism in terrestrial ecosystems: Prevalence mechanisms and impacts - Funder:Natural Environment Research Council (30/09/2018 - 29/09/2022)
Diversity in upland rivers and ecosystem service sustainability - DURESS - Funder:Forest Research, - Funder:Welsh Government, - Funder:Environment Agency, - Funder:Natural Resources Wales, - Funder:Dwr Cymru, Afonydd Cymru, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Natural Environment Research Council (01/06/2012 - 01/12/2015)
Hotspot ecosystem research on the margins of European seas (HERMES) - Funder:Commission of the European Communities (01/04/2005 - 31/03/2009)

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