Title: InSb Zener Mesoscopics

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Principal Investigator

McIndo, Christopher

Buckle, Philip
Giblin, Sean

Project Details

Start date: 01/10/2015

End date: 31/03/2019


The UK has a world lead in InSb two dimensional
gas (2DEG) technology. InSb has the lightest mass, and largest g-factor
(the parameter that controls the spin orbit interaction) of all the III-V
semiconductors, making it a prime candidate to demonstrate electron spin
control not available in other materials. As a result of these properties
it will be interesting to study novel transport in nanoscale mesoscopic
devices. In particular, because of the narrow band-gap, it is possible
to drive the band profile with nanoscale gates into the Zener tunnelling
regime, and yet still maintain confinement. In this way it is possible to
create lateral, gate induced, Zener resonant tunnelling structures, which
would be a first.

The objective of this project will be to utilise
state of the art material from our collaborators at Sheffield University
National Centre for III-V technologies who have commenced a major
programme over the next three years to advance this material system, and
fabricate multi-gate structures to investigate Zener tunnelling. These
will be fabricated within the Cardiff cleanroom utilising our specialist
knowledge of the material for device processing and using a mixture of
photo (micron scale) and electron beam lithography (nanoscale).

These devices will be measured at low and
ultra-low temperature with high sensitivity electrical measurement, and
high (8T) magnetic field.

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