Teitl: Real-time and semantic energy management across buildings in a district configuration

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Building Research Establishment Trust

Prif Ymchwiliwr

Reynolds, Jonathan

Rezgui, Yacine
Kwan, Alan

Manylion y Prosiect

Dyddiad dechrau: 01.10.2015

Dyddiad gorffen: 31.03.2019


Buildings are responsible for around 40% of
global energy consumption, therefore are a vital sector to target for
energy efficiency measures to met international energy obligations. This PhD
project will aim to utilise increasingly available sensor data to make more
intelligent decisions adapting to the specific circumstances of each day rather
than follow a traditional static and reactive control scheme.
Crucially, this project will aim to address energy management from both a
supply and demand perspective by developing a supply-aware building-level
control scheme in conjunction with a demand-aware district-level control

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