Title: Soft Open Points for the Operation of Medium Voltage Distribution Networks

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Principal Investigator

Cao, Wanyu

Wu, Jianzhong
Jenkins, Nicholas

Project Details

Start date: 01/10/2012

End date: 29/02/2016


Soft Open Points (SOPs) are power electronic devices
installed in place of normally-open points in electrical power distribution
networks. They are able to provide active power flow control, reactive power
compensation and voltage regulation under normal network operating conditions,
as well as fast fault isolation and post-fault supply restoration under
abnormal conditions. This project investigated use of SOPs for the operation of
medium voltage (MV) distribution networks. Three aspects were studied, which
include the control of an SOP, benefit analysis of using SOPs and distribution
network voltage control with SOPs.

Research Areas

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