Teitl: Integrated Load and State Estimation Using Domestic Smart Meter Measurements

Prif Ymchwiliwr

Manylion y Prosiect
Dyddiad dechrau: 01.04.2012
Dyddiad gorffen: 31.03.2016

Distributed generation and low carbon loads are
already leading to some restrictions in the operation of distribution networks
and higher penetrations will exacerbate such problems. Therefore, increased
real-time monitoring and control becomes a necessity. In the future,
distribution network operators will have smart meter measurements available to
them to facilitate safe and cost-effective operation of distribution networks.
This research investigates the application of domestic smart meter measurements
to extend the observability of distribution networks. An integrated load and
state estimation algorithm was developed and tested using residential smart
metering measurements and an a hypothetical distribution network. Simulation
results show that smart meter measurements, both real-time and
pseudo-measurements derived from them, can be used in conjunction with state
estimation to extend the observability of a distribution network. The
integrated load and state estimation algorithm was shown to produce accurate
voltage magnitudes and phase angles at each busbar of the network. As a result,
the algorithm can be used to enhance distribution network monitoring and

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